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any trace left and it will interfere with your new downloads of those files. Do a search on your computer to make sure there are no traces of those files left on your computer..

My friends have had good success with 1 gig USBs... Did you unzip the file before loading onto usb stick (open the zip file and transferring bin file to usb stick)? Another thing you may have to do a fat32 format on usb stick before loading unzipped file..... and try again I would also consider trying a different usb flash drive too.. I do not condone, recommend, nor do I practice the theft of any signal from any Provider of Satellite signal, txsgent Set-up is the same as the dlhd. leaving the flash drive in the the usb slot and turn the receiver off. wait a few and turn it back on again and see if it will load then.. good luck txsgent Anything I discuss on the subject of satellites, is strictly, hypothetical and in theory, and on an educational basis.

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You can confirm a load because the server settings will be in menu I'll have some friends look at this thread HI Guys, great news, after I re-downloaded the bin and unzip to usb, I was able to upgrade the firmware, it was great to have all you guys around to help me out.

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