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Predating definition

Many predators are powerfully built and can catch and kill animals larger than themselves; this applies as much to small predators such as ants and shrews as to big and visibly muscular carnivores like the cougar.The specialists may be highly adapted to capturing their preferred prey, whereas generalists may be better able to switch to other prey when a preferred target is scarce.The wasp larvae feed on the growing host, eventually killing it.Parasitoids make up as much as 10% of all insect species.

Many predators have acute hearing, and some such as echolocating bats hunt exclusively by active or passive use of sound.

The senses they use to hunt with, including vision, smell, and hearing, are well developed.

Predators as diverse as owls and jumping spiders have forward-facing eyes, providing accurate binocular vision over a relatively narrow field of view, whereas prey animals often have less acute all-round vision.

By hunting socially chimpanzees can catch colobus monkeys that would readily escape an individual hunter, while cooperating Harris hawks can trap rabbits.

predators have evolved a variety of physical adaptations for detecting, catching, killing, and digesting prey.

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